Milos Mlynarik

Milos (pronounced mee-losh) is a Sydney based Professional Photographer, whose style is heavily influenced by his European heritage.

As a child growing up in Slovakia Milos took every opportunity to study the Old Painters, inspired by their incomparable ability to play with chiaroscuro on canvas. His own early attempts at painting and drawing quickly led him to realise that the brush and pencil were not his ideal tools for expression.

But his first camera, a gift from his father at age 6, proved to be just the thing. Since then photography has become an all-consuming passion for Milos. He’s developed a unique eye for detail and great locations, as well as an innate understanding of light.

With every shot, Milos’ goal is to create an image that will tell a beautiful story, capture the viewer’s imagination, and draw them into the world of the photograph.

Recent campaigns include work for Longines, Max Factor, L'Oreal, BMW, LG, Australian Institute of Fitness, National Art School, Westpac, Pink Candy, SX Sunglass Stores, Bras n’ Things and Australian Fashion Week. His work has been featured in several local and international magazines including Italian Vogue, Culture magazine, Factice magazine, The Fashion Journal, Laud and Institute magazine just to name few.

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