Niv Shank

He was born in Israel in 1979 and grew up by the Dead Sea.
He spent his teen years in Tel-Aviv, and was influenced by European films, photography and art.

After a car accident during his military service, he decided to take a photography course as a therapy and his vision of life has changed.

He discovered a world that was new to him, a world that allows you to escape from reality and create his own vision.
Photography for him was the perfect medium to combine his artistic expression with developing love of intimate interaction with his subjects.
His interest was expanded recently to directing as well, and he is looking for exploring this intimate connection with his talents in motion the way photography allowed him.

He also loves to travel, and his first stop was Italy.
He spent two years touring Europe, shooting and absorbing the cultures.
The influences from his time there will always be a strong symbol in his work.
In 2007 he found himself living and working in New York and presently he divides his time betwenn New-York, L.A. and Paris.

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