Roc Chaliand

Roc Chaliand was born in the summer of 1974 in Paris, France.

Since he was a child, he was rocked by the melodies of Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Dvorak and Stravinsky. A couple years later, his parents initiated him to the cinematographic art of Kurosawa, Buñuel and Audiard. He then discovered a passion for words and literature, paintings and graphic arts in general, photography in particular, the human body and later, technology.

After a one year solo world tour at the age of 18, he came back in his city of birth and started a 20+ years long career in electronic music, releasing more than 30 EPs ans LPs on some of the most prestigious international labels such as F.Com, Scandinavia et Plastic City, Sony, DMC etc, under the names Freon, The Beyonder, CFC12 or Carbon Based. He then performed live in USA, Japan, Thaïland and most european capitals, in the most reknown clubs. He worked with famous choreographers and dance troops, fashion and TV shows around the world.

Great traveler, he lived in Tokyo or NY, in Spanish Harlem, lived for several weeks with the Lacandon indians, shooting a documentary on Chankin Viejo, 105 years old, the very last living memory of the last of mexican Chiapas Maya tribes. He climbed Kilimandjaro in Tanzania or walked along the ex-USSR roads where he shot for french National Geographic a documentary on the very last days of USSR and Perestroika. Made numerous trips in South East Asia and Usa, Central and Western Africa, the Middle-East and so on. His nomadic soul and his artistic sensibility are grandly influencced by his many travels.

In 2008 he launched one of the most reknown international photography related magazine, EVER. An innovative online media , fusion of all Roc Chaliand’s experiences, blending fashion and art, society and international politics and other feature articles. Through EVER, he discovered or scouted and published some of the best photographers from all around the world in fashion, art, nude or documentary.

In 2014 he launched EVER Creative Lab, an entity within which are conceptualized and developped special projects for the actors of the luxury industry. The Lab conceives all the way to marketing and retail, alcohol & liquors, perfume, media, brands and bespoke retail products.

The very same year he decided to reconnect with his passion in photography and discovered an new way of writing, a new signature. He since explores the art and fashion imagery, portrait and documentary through cinematographic compositions. His editorials are now published in France, Thailand and in the UAE.

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