Alessio Cocchi

was born in 1968 into a numerous and creative family. The house on a Florentine hill where he grew up is in the midst of the Tuscan countryside where a child's fantasy takes flight. The colors and scents of the surrounding landscape became a part of his essence at a young age and later became his inspirational source as he explored his own creative instincts that have led him to his current profession.

As a young adult, he worked as an assistant of a Florentine fashion and still-life photographer but immediately afterwards, decided to set up his own photo studio and thus launched his career as a professional photographer. At the age of 23, his images had already made their way into prestigious publications such as Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. His portfolio now boasts clientele such as Gucci, Ferragamo and Valentino and his projects take him all across Italy and abroad.

Alessio's style is characterized by the unique and striking moods he creates through a meticulous study of lighting and its effects. In both still-life and fashion photography his particular techniques combined with his imaginitive insight take form in impressive imagery that speak bold and profound statements. Precision and rapidity are further trademarks of Alessio which make him a trusted partner of prestigious brands who often demand outstanding results in little time.

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